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Banana Pancakes

Enjoy this gluten-free and low FODMAP twist on a classic recipe! Banana Pancakes Gluten-free, Low FODMAP, 385 calories per serving Servings Prep Time 12 each 5 minutes Cook Time 5 minutes Servings Prep Time 12 each 5 minutes Cook Time 5 minutes Ingredients 1whole banana 2large eggs 1tsp vanilla extract 1tbsp butter 2tbsp maple syrup […] Continue reading

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Taxing Temptations – Taming or Torment?

You filed with the feds, but would you ante up to get a fix from your favorite food vices? That last hike in cigarette prices was enough to motivate more smokers to quit  and programs to help reported a surge in calls on their hotline. But would a tax on sugary sodas, candy or “junk” […]
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