Acorn Squash and Kale Soup


For the past few weeks I have received kale and acorn squash from my CSA share.  Both vegetables have baffled me.  Acorn squash I usually use as a Fall decoration and kale, I have no idea what to do with it!  So, I Googled both and found a Martha Stewart recipe for Acorn Squash with Kale Soup.  

You first need to roast the acorn squash and make a squash puree.  The roasting squash smelled great.  My 9 year old asked what I was baking.  When I told him that it was squash he said that it smelled great, but looked terrible!  The squash puree was very yummy!

The next step is to cook 4 strips of bacon, yes bacon!  Once the bacon is cooked it needs to be removed and drained.  Onion is then cooked in the bacon fat, then kale is added.  After this you add the squash puree and water.  Let the soup come to a boil and it is ready to serve.  The cooked bacon is added as a garnish.



The soup was pretty tasty, but the kale was bit tough.  I think next time I will either put less kale in the soup or eliminate it all together.  Even though kale is a super food, I do not believe in eating anything that I do not love.




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