Nutrition Counseling

Do you know that many insurance companies offer coverage for nutrition counseling? Personal Choice and Keystone Health Plan East offer 6 visits with an in-network Registered Dietitian each calendar year.  Visits are coverage at 100% with no co-payment or referrals needed.  Aetna also offers coverage as well with some plans requiring only small co-payments.

Currently the City of Philadelphia employees are being asked to participate in one of three wellness activities, one of which is to see a Registered Dietitian.  How easy would it be to receive your credit and an excellent meal plan in just one hour?

Nutrition counseling is not just for individuals who want to lose weight.  Individuals with diabetes, high blood pressure, elevate cholesterol, and food allergies/sensitivities can benefit by improving their symptoms simply by eating differently. Athletes and recreational exercisers can benefit by receiving meal plans tailored to there needs.

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