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Poached Eggs and Avocado Toast

Here is a tasty recipe full of protein and healthy fats to help you to feel full and satisfied! Poached Egg with Toast 1 serving, 1 piece of toast each, 325 calories CuisineGluten Free Servings1 Prep Time5 minutes Cook Time10 minutes Ingredients 1large egg 1slice multigrain breadgluten-free 1/4cup avocado to taste salt to taste pepper […] Continue reading

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Avocado – Good or Bad?

  After spending time in Arizona in April my husband and I have become addicted to guacamole.  I started thinking about avocados and the bad wrap they sometimes get because of their fat content.  The California Avocado Commission has great information on avocados including nutrition, recipes, growing etc. Avocados contain about 20 essential nutrients.  They […] Continue reading

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